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Songs For Kids Foundation Programs

Songs For Kids Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2007 with the mission to enrich the lives of children suffering from illness or hardship. We work year-round to bring music to children’s hospitals and special needs camps through live interactive concerts, hospital bedside performances and our Songs For Kids Records songwriting & recording program.

“I have seen personally the positive effects of Songs for Kids for the patients at our hospital. Songs for Kids bring music and laughter to a place where kids might be frightened otherwise.” – Jami Wolfe, Certified Child Life Specialist, MCGHealth’s Children’s Medical Center

“For the past several years, Songs for Kids Foundation has consistently brought an uplifting sense of joy to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. For many of [our patients], this is a rare opportunity to truly come out of their shells and shine. It is a healing experience both for the children and their families who are able to see them enjoy this creative expression.” – Meryl Franco, Volunteer Services, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston

“Songs For Kids Foundation is one of the most exciting initiatives I have ever seen.” – Eric M. Robbins, Executive Director, Camp Twin Lakes

“Songs For Kids Foundation consistently gets positive feedback from staff, patients and families alike. Songs For Kids Foundation is always collaborative, understanding and flexible. If we could, we would have them here every day” – Alexandra Field, Family-Centered Care Support Services, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Songs For Kids LIVE! – Interactive Concert Programs:

Songs For Kids artists perform concerts in all areas of children’s hospitals, bringing the kids onstage with them to sing and become the stars themselves. Our artists engage the kids and their families with live performances of classic children’s songs and child-friendly pop songs. These interactive performances always include the kids, their family members, and even the hospital staff as participants, singing and playing instruments along with our artists.

Kids are often confined to their hospital rooms for long stretches of time and Songs For Kids performances allow the kids to not only come out of their rooms, but also come out of their shells. Kids interact with their families and our artists, and parents are able to create shared memories with their children, a rare opportunity during prolonged hospital stays. Children are able to escape the isolation of long treatment and build their self-esteem and confidence by performing in front of a positive and supportive audience.

“Songs For Kids’ ability to empathetically engage with children at various stages of treatment, physical and mental disabilities, and anxiety levels is admirable. I hope to have a relationship with SFK for many years to come.” – Malissa Morrell, MA, MFTi, ATR, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Songs For Kids Bedside Music Programs:

Our musicians perform bedside with kids in their individual hospital rooms. We serve all age ranges, from newborns to 18 year olds, and on each of the unit floors that we serve, we make sure to visit with every child that is able to see us. Songs For Kids musicians perform songs that the kids want to hear during their visits and encourage them to sing along or bang on drums. For patients old enough to communicate directly with our artists, performances become extremely collaborative, and family members, hospital staff, and even nurses and doctors are encouraged to get in on the act as well while checking up on them.

Too often, patients spend much of the day watching television or playing video games while they are confined to their room. We’ve designed Songs For Kids programs to improve kids’ quality of life during their stays, and offer not just diversions, but genuine connections with our performers. Bedside performances also allow us to tailor visits to each child’s needs. For example, if one of our patients has an interest in learning to play the guitar, our artists can provide that individual attention at each visit.

“That’s the most she’s smiled in two weeks” – Lisa, parent of Amber, patient at Backus Children’s Hospital (Savannah, GA)

“Songs For Kids performers accommodate all the needs of our young superstars. The kids focus on the music, the attention and the crowd that forms to cheer them on.” – Beth Collier, MT-BC, NMT, Music Therapist – Board Certified, Fellow Neurologic Music Therapy

Songs For Kids Records – Songwriting & Recording Program:

Songs for Kids producers and songwriters write and record songs with kids during their hospital stays. They collaborate on songs that often touch on their life challenges, and the experience is a great outlet for creativity and self-expression. We emphasize creating songs that are about positivity and overcoming obstacles. The process of songwriting and recording has tremendous value, as kids learn to explore ideas, work collaboratively, and focus on the task in front of them. Our artists and producers devote many hours over multiple days with patients to finish writing and recording their original songs. The kids receive professionally mixed CDs of their songs, which they can treasure and share proudly with their friends and family long after the recording session is over. To learn more about our Songs For Kids Records program, visit

“When I started getting chemo treatments, I couldn’t get my mind off the horrible tasting chemo. Then I met Songs For Kids, and when they came in, it would brighten my day.” – Nicolas, patient and Songs For Kids Records artist

“Songs for Kids kept me sane while I was in the hospital, l and you guys gave me hope that I would get better by keeping me in good spirits.” – Nia, patient and Songs For Kids Records artist

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