Songs For Kids Testimonials & Impact

“Songs for Kids Foundation was quite the musical experience! Josh and Sanjay helped spread smiles, cheer, and an overall normalcy for our patients. Their endless enthusiasm and contagious energy clearly portrayed their passion for this Foundation. They addressed each child’s specific needs and provided opportunities for song requests paired with different musical instruments for the kids to explore. Our patients were able to rock out to familiar songs and forget about the hospital experience for a while. We hope to get more opportunities to be a part of the SFK Foundation as it truly impacted our patients and families!”

Kristen Hildreth
Certified Child Life Specialist
Franciscan Hospital for Children
Brighton, MA

“The Songs for Kids Tour was such an amazing experience for patients, families, and staff at my hospital. In addition to having incredible musical talents, Josh and Sanjay were fantastic at engaging with patients of all ages and backgrounds. Even some of our most reserved patients were smiling and singing along! This event seemed to brighten the mood of the entire pediatric unit! One patient in particular told me that it was exactly what she needed that day. The Songs for Kids Tour was a ton of fun and I can’t thank Josh and Sanjay enough! They are welcome to visit us again whenever they like!”

Janis Atty, MA, CCLS
Certified Child Life Specialist
Brookdale Hospital & Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY

“Thank you so much for visiting the patients here at Women and Children’s of Buffalo. The kids and parents had a great time and it had a really uplifting effect on everyone! You both have great heart & wonderful talent. We hope you have a great tour and thanks for letting us be a part of it.”

Tara Young, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

“On behalf of the Department of Pediatrics, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to you for thinking of our patients and their families. Your visit meant a great deal to our children, their families, and staff. Your music program provided fun, enjoyment, and a much needed distraction.

Thanks to you many children were cheered up. Music has a way of bringing children together and allowing them to open up and relax. By doing so they are transported to a happier place that helps them forget that they are in the hospital. It also helped them to miss home a little less.

Your program encourages participation by both patients and family. As a result, not only did you make the children happy but you also made their parents happy. Nothing is better than seeing your child go from being sad and anxious to seeing a huge smile and hearing their laughter.

Your visit has helped remind us all that it is important to reach out and support one another through good and bad times. Your donation of time and positive energy was much appreciated. Thanks to your program we were able to provide comforting care to our patients and their families. Thank you once again.”

Kristin Furlani Kuhi
Certified Child Life Specialist
Children’s Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center
Long Branch, NJ

“Josh and Sanjay with Songs For Kids was an awesome experience for the patients and the staff. I have been working as a child life specialist for the past 13 years here at Methodist children’s hospital and we are always looking for great groups to come and share their passions with our patients to take a break from the stress of being in the hospital. This was one of the best experiences for our kids that I have been apart of in a very long time. The kids were apprehensive at first about coming to sing, but before you knew it we had kids standing up to sing multiple times. Parents were so happy to see their kids relaxing and having fun. The kids were allowed to be kids again even though they were sick. Songs For Kids made our job in child life very easy for a few hours, making our kids smile. Thank you so much Josh and Sanjay for your love of music, kids and understanding the stress of hospitalization. You have a true gift from God and we are grateful that you are sharing it across the country. Come back anytime you want. We will be glad to have you guys back again.”

Teresa N Odom, MA CCLS
Methodist Children’s Hospital
San Antonio, TX

“On behalf of Shannon Sonnhalter, Child Life Manager, and me, thank you for including Cleveland Clinic Children’s in the 2013 music tour! A bit of laughter and a huge smile are only a couple of things you brought to the patients. They thoroughly enjoyed selecting their favorite song, playing the tambourine and maracas, and most importantly – belting out a tune!

Songs for Kids Foundation reaches so many patients, and I sense families appreciate the visit just as much as patients – or even more. Engaging children in fun activities does help their healing process; we saw that today during the visits. This is a great organization, and I cannot thank you enough for what you do.”

Kyle Shubeck, MBA
Volunteer Services Department
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

“Songs for Kids was one of the highlights of our summer at MassGeneral Hospital for Children. Josh and Sanjay brought such talent, warmth, enthusiasm, and passion to our unit. Our patients and families sincerely benefited from the performances and appreciated the much needed distraction. It was truly amazing to watch our patients and families transform and immediately brighten when they listened to their favorite songs”

Eva Beth Mintz
Child Life Specialist
MassGeneral Hospital for Children
Boston, MA

“I wanted to take a brief moment to send a huge thank you on behalf of the pediatric patients, their families, and the staff at the Rusk Institute at The Hospital for Joint Diseases! It was such a magical and uplifting event that nobody wanted to it end! The patient’s here on the pediatric rehabilitation unit are often here for extended periods of time. This can be very difficult. Organizations such as Songs for Kids Foundation make their experience that much easier. I am finding it difficult to fully express how truly amazing the event was. You both exude such love, compassion, humanity, dedication, and most importantly, fun! Everyone from patients, parents, nurses, and doctors were able to let loose together in a way that does not often happen and for that all I can say is thank you. Please to share your amazing talents with the rest of the world’s children!”

Lisa Del Guidice
Sr Recreation Therapist
Pediatric Rehabilitation
RUSK Rehabilitation
Hospital for Joint Diseases
New York, NY

“We were thrilled when Shriners Hospital’s auditorium was transformed into a concert arena where Songs for Kids performers, Josh & Sanjay, sang songs from many different genres with our patients. Families and staff armed with musical instruments went along with the beat to accompany those who braved the microphone! Patients who were shy and quiet, found their voices when they picked up the microphone and sang in front of room packed with staff and families. Songs for Kids is simply a positive and energizing experience for everyone!”

Lee Roberts
Public Relations Specialist
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Springfield, MA

“Songs for Kids played a lively, fun filled concert for Beaumont Children’s Hospital. Kids, parents and nurses were dancing and singing along! Thank you for providing such a wonderful event and making a difference for our special children.”

Kathleen Grobbel
Child Life Specialist
Beaumont Children’s Hospital
Royal Oak, MI

“Josh and Sanjay do a wonderful job engaging children and families (and staff!) in popular songs that everyone knows and can have fun participating in. Both are wonderful musicians with kind and engaging personalities. I witnessed sick children smile and participate as well as family members. Everyone had a wonderful time!

I highly recommend Songs For Children for a great time of fun and entertainment for any children’s hospital setting.”

David Putano, HPMT, MT-BC
Toledo Children’s Hospital
Toledo, OH

“We were blown away by Josh and Sanjay when they came to visit Cleveland Clinic Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital! Through Songs for Kids our patients showed us many talents that our staff didn’t even know they had. It was a fabulous morning filled with smiles, laughs, dancing and singing. Thank you for the experience you offered to our patients and staff! We will talk about this event for a long time!”

Bethany, Senior Recreation Therapist
Cleveland Clinic Children’s – Hospital for Rehabilitation
Cleveland, OH

“Thank you Josh and Sanjay from Songs for Kids foundation for adding our hospital to your national tour. Your musical talents, enthusiasm, and positive energy was infectious amongst our patients, families, and staff! You really did such a nice job catering to each child’s musical talents, abilities, and interests and made sure everyone felt included. Your down to earth personalities and flexibility were greatly appreciated. You are welcome to visit anytime and make some wonderful music and help build even more positive memories for our patients! Thank you again!”

Andrea Pappaconstantinou
Director of Child Life Services
Tufts Medical Center’s
Floating Hospital for Children
Boston, MA

“The Songs for Kids concert was epic! The event was so exhilarating that a week later, kids are still asking when they are coming back. Professional, positive, and fun – Songs for Kids was a great experience for all!”

Christina Dellibovi, MS, CCLS, CBIS
Child Life and Recreational Therapy Department
Brain Injury Team
Children’s Specialized Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ

“The day after our Songs for Kids tour visit, staff came up to me asking when we could have Josh and Sanjay return. Their visit and their presence – both musical and joyful – brought smiles to the faces of everyone within earshot and provided a healing respite from the routine of the hospital. One young man in our PICU asked his nurse if he was hearing guitar music and when she said yes and they could come to visit him next, his eyes lit up. While dancing and singing weren’t possible for him, he eagerly participated in the music by shaking the tambourine. What a positive difference this interaction may have on this young man’s healing as well as his memories of his hospital stay. Josh and Sanjay were a pleasure to work with – they were flexible with the unpredictable nature of the hospital, impressively able to respond to kids song requests, and sensitive to adapting their approach based on the environment and a child’s cues. I wish we could have them visit on a regular basis!”

Shannon Joslin, M.S., CCLS
Child Life Manager
University of Maryland Children’s Hospital

“What a delight it was to have Songs For Kids perform here at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your performance; I found myself singing along to every song! I can only imagine that the excitement that all of the patients, families and staff was tenfold that experience. You two have a great presence and style as musicians and singers. Your song selection was a hit with the patients and families. People were still excited days after the performance. It was a pleasure to work with you two. On behalf of the Child Life Department here at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital we hope to continue a relationship with Songs For Kids. Thank you again for sharing with us so generously.”

Carlos Harris
Producer, Child Life TV
Johns Hopkins Childrens’ Hospital
Baltimore, MD

“Thank you so much for your very meaningful and special visit. Your support of K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital and our patients and families is truly appreciated. The time and effort that you have put into this foundation is very evident when watching you play and interact with the patients of all ages, and diagnoses. Your warm, positive and uplifting attitudes genuinely made a difference to each child and family member’s hospital experience. I know I will be hearing about how many smiles were brought by your visit for a long time!”

Sara Auerbach
Certified Child Life Specialist
K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital
Jersey Shore Medical Center

“The Songs for Kids Foundation visit at our hospital was amazing! Josh and Sanjay were wonderful with the kids and open to a busy schedule in order to reach as many areas of the hospital as possible. Seeing the patients and their families smile from ear to ear and join in with the music was heart-warming. Already, several kids have asked when SFK is coming back. Thank you to Josh and Sanjay for such a great visit!”

Liz Anderson, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
Department of Family Services
Children’s National Medical Center
Washington, DC

“Songs for Kids is phenomenal! I was so impressed by how our patients responded and how good the guys were at encouraging them to sing, dance, and play along. Even our toddlers were dancing! I totally appreciated how professional they were about being in a hospital environment. We feel very lucky to have been part of this tour.”

Susan Davis
Child Life Specialist
WakeMed Children’s Hospital
Raleigh, NC

“Songs for kids is a wonderfully fun and lighthearted organization that I feel lucky to have participated in when they visited Georgetown University Hospital in June of 2013. I could tell as soon as Josh and Sanjay arrived in their brightly colored “Songs for Kids” van that I was in for a very fun morning! Josh and Sanjay bring the fun right along with them wherever they go, singing their joyful renditions of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Bon Jovi and more, and getting to see our patients smile, dance and sing along with them was wonderful to see. Josh and Sanjay have the unique ability to connect with patients and their families through their music, and is a guaranteed way to brighten anyone’s day.”

Jamie Globerson, Child Life Intern
Georgetown University Hospital
Dept. of Pediatrics
Washington, DC

“I just wanted to thank you both so much for coming to Saint Peter’s Hospital on July 5 and brightening the day not only for our patients and families, but for as staff as well ? You both are very talented and are doing an amazing job in lifting the spirits of sick patients and helping us all to have a little fun.”

Kristal R. Neal, BS, CCLS
Child Life Coordinator
St. Peter’s University Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ

“Songs with Kids really brightened up the days of our patient’s and family’s here at MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Their positive energy and attitude encouraged a fun time for all that attended. Many smiles and laughter were observed throughout the entire event. We were very pleased with their performance and we were fortunate to be a part of the Songs for Kids Tour!”

MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital Child Life Staff
Columbia, MO

“Songs For Kids’ came to visit us at HSC Pediatric Center on June 20, 2013, and they put on one of the best shows we have ever had on our units. All of our kiddos were absolutely LOVING it, as well as our staff. Even some of our nurses were singing back up with the kids. “Songs For Kids’ played current and trendy songs everyone could easily relate to, and also took on requests, great rendition of Sponge Bob by the way. The kids enjoyed being able to play along with the instruments “Songs For Kids’ provided, and a few went up to sing back up and did an amazing job, they are still talking about it. We truly appreciate “Songs For Kids’ coming to HSC to brighten the day of our kids and allow them to be a part of their creative expression. SFK are welcome at HSC Pediatric Center anytime.”

Joseph Wray
Senior Recreation Therapist
HSC Pediatric Center

“Songs for Kids is an amazing non-profit program. It’s something that all hospitalized children need to experience. They sing all the hits (Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Journey, Carly Rae Jepsen and more). The children get to play the instruments and sing with microphones right along with the band. It made our patient’s here at Mt. Washington feel special and famous. The patient’s and the staff would have Songs for Kids perform everyday if they could!”

Laura Moran
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

“We had such a great time with the guys from Songs for Kids! The kids had so much fun at the show. One patient had been very quiet and kept to himself all morning and as soon as he saw the guys setting up the instruments he started talking and never stopped! They got all the children involved in singing and playing instruments and everyone had a great time. Some of the families that had bedside performances were talking about it for days. Thank you Songs for Kids for coming to our hospital!
Thanks again,

Brittany Spaeth, MS, CCLS
Child Life Coordinator
Children’s Regional Hospital
Cooper University Health Care

“Josh and Sanjay brought songs and smiles to the children, family, and staff at Shriners Hospital for Children (Philadelphia) this summer. Their kindness shown through as they played the children’s preferred songs and invited them to sing and play. Music plays and important role in the lives of children at the Philadelphia Shriners, and the Songs For Kids program injected their lives with much needed dose of joy!”

Michael Viega, PhD, MT-BC
Coordinator of Clinical Placements, Music Therapy Department
Temple University
Adjunct Faculty, Molloy College
Music Therapist, Shriners Hospital for Children (Philadelphia)
Fellow, Association Music and Imagery

“The children, families and staff at the Kennedy Krieger Institute loved being a part of the Songs for Kids Tour. The patients enjoyed singing along and playing instruments. This interactive performance was a great reward for them after all their hard work in therapy to reach their rehabilitation goals.”

The Staff at Kennedy Krieger Institute
Baltimore. MD

“We are so very appreciative of your visit to Nemours/ Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. Our patients and families had such an amazing day with Josh and Sanjay. Everyone was singing for the rest of the day with smiles on their faces. One of our patients told me ‘I always wanted to go to a concert and now I can tell everyone that they brought one here to me’ He thoroughly enjoyed singing along with you both. We also had another patient that brought his own guitar with him to the Activity Center to join in with you because he had been anticipating the visit all day. He especially enjoyed playing and singing along to the SpongeBob theme song.

We even had quite a few patients ask us if you could come back again tomorrow! Thank you again for the wonderful visit.”

Alaina Norvell
Child Life Assistant
Nemours/ Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
Wilmington, DE

“The Songs for Kids Tour came to the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital in January 2013 and brought much warmth to an otherwise cold, winter day. We were delighted when Josh and Sanjay arrived like rays of sunshine, brightening everyone’s day throughout the facility. From the moment they stepped on the units until they left for their next adventure, their enthusiasm was quite contagious.

Josh and Sanjay started off in the patient day room where a small group of children and their families gathered. There were toddlers who had just been admitted and older children who had been hospitalized for some time. No matter what the children’s ages were or their length of stays, smiles appeared on all their faces when the music commenced. Shyness was chased away with silly songs, clapping, and personal requests. Whether it was Wheels on the Bus or a special request for a Miley Cyrus song, Josh and Sanjay lightheartedly engaged everyone in a highly interactive and enjoyable session. Next, they strapped on their guitars and made personal visits to the many children who were on isolation due to our experiencing a rather long flu season. Upon parent request, the troubadours played at the doors of patient rooms, serenading their young audiences with requested tunes. Who would imagine ‘Chicken Fried’ was so popular? They even played a little rap music! It was truly magical to see kids who had been so sick, sit up, and, in some cases, jump out of bed to sing or dance along.

It is with deep appreciation that we thank the Songs for Kids Tour, and Josh and Sanjay in particular, for bringing incredible joy to pediatric patients and their families at the UVA Children’s Hospital. The Songs for Kids Tour truly epitomizes the healing power of music.”

Nancy Ellen Artis, Ed.D., CCLS
Education Director
Hospital Education Program and
Glenda Thomas, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, Hospital Education
UVA Health System
Charlottesville, VA

“Songs for Kids visited Voorhees Pediatric Facility on July 1st to perform for the children. It was a wonderful event! The children enjoyed playing musical instruments and dancing to your music. Not only did your energetic and engaging performance bring smiles to the children’s faces, but the staff was entertained as well. Children at our facility find music a great source of entertainment and stimulation and live performances are a great treat. Many of the children we care for have developmental and cognitive disabilities and Songs For Kids did not hesitate to interact with the children and was able to bring joy to their day. Songs For Kids has an open invitation to visit Voorhees Pediatric Facility any time!”

Lauren Waite
Voorhees Pediatric Facility
Voorhees, NJ

“Recently, The Children’s Center had the privilege of being a stop on the ‘2013 Songs for Kids Tour.” I would personally like to thank both Josh and Sanjay for the incredible performance! Not only did the patients here have a blast, but the staff and families involved had a great time as well. At The Children’s Center, we know firsthand the power of music in the healing process. We have Oklahoma’s largest music therapy program and all of our 120 inpatients have the chance to express themselves with music therapy. We are always looking for fun and creative ways to encourage self-expression, and this performance was exactly that! Fun, creative, interactive, and something they will always remember. This is a true testament to the Songs For Kids Foundation staff—not only as music professionals but also as human beings. Working directly with children in a hospital setting can be a challenge, yet there was no hesitation with Josh and Sanjay. We are eagerly awaiting the 2014 tour visit!”

Travis Doussette
Director of Communications
The Children’s Center
Bethany, Oklahoma

“Everyone on the Children’s Specialized Hospital Long Term Care Unit, especially our wonderful children, would like to thank you for your visit on July 5th! You truly brought smiles, laughs, and made all our children feel special! Your flexibility, compassion, dedication, and understanding shows us all how important music is in life.

Our kids enjoyed your music, especially their two favorites, Sponge Bob, and One Direction. Addressing our kids by their first names, made each and every child feel like you were there for them. Allowing, our children to participate by using your instruments and joining in your band, singing and playing was very special. We are grateful for the experience and we wish you all the best on the rest of your road trip.

Thank you again for making our children’s “home” an exciting place to rock out and be kids!!”

Amy Danchisko
Child Life Specialist
Children’s Specialized Hospital
Mountainside, NJ

“We were not aware of Songs for Kids Foundation until Josh called from the road. He explained the Foundation’s mission with tremendous enthusiasm, and offered to entertain the children at Blythedale in both group and 1:1 formats. The musical performance that was provided for Blythedale was creative, entertaining and inclusive for our patients and families, and even staff! The children loved using instruments to keep a beat, and this offers additional therapeutic benefits. Hosting the show in Blythedale’s lobby was the best place to comfort attendees and provide a spirited environment for those coming through our doors. Bedside attention for children unable to leave their rooms due to mobility or medical limitations was vital, and Songs for Kids Foundation did great work on our patient units! The feedback we received from families and staff was so positive. I am thrilled Josh reached out and offered to donate this special concert to Blythedale. The smiles on the faces of the patients and parents spoke volumes.”

Lisa A. Levinson, CCLS
Child Life Coordinator
Blythedale Children’s Hospital
Valhalla, NY

“When Songs for Kids came to St. Christopher’s, they brought so much more than just a music program to us! Josh and Sanjay have an infectious energy that is passed to everyone involved. We saw kids who had been shy and quiet in their rooms blossom, pick up a microphone, and sing in front of the whole group with a smile on their face. They make sure that every child, and even a lot of the grown-ups, are able to participate in whatever way they feel comfortable. We had kids, parents, and even staff dancing in the hallways when they went to the floors! We can’t wait for them to come back!”

Ben Broxterman, MBA, CCLS
Manager, Child Life Services & School Program
St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
Philadelphia, PA

“The day that Songs for Kids visited Mercy Children’s Hospital was one that left our patients buzzing! The group visited our St. Jude Affiliate Clinic where the patients got to sing and play instruments and rock out with the band. Songs for Kids was even able to appease some of the more ‘interesting’ requests from our patients (KISS, The White Stripes, and The Beatles). The teams also visited the patients on Pediatrics and in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and provided bedside entertainment and interaction opportunities. They played everything from lullabies and nursery rhymes to the classics and top 40 hits. The group played at the perfect volume for each individual patient and knew just how to keep their energy and conversations flowing with the kids. It was an excellent opportunity for our patients to forget about their hospitalization and get lost in the world of laughter and music. Songs for Kids was an incredible experience for everyone involved!”

Suzy Cook, BS CCLS
Mercy Children’s Hospital
Springfield, MO

“It was wonderful to host Josh and Sanjay from Songs For Kids Foundation as part of their foundation tour! They are not only fabulous musicians, but they brought such joy with them. The patients and families they met both in our outpatient and inpatient areas, as well as many staff members, loved the music! It was just an awesome experience, and we hope to be part of their next tour!”

Megan A. Calabro, MA, MT-BC, NICU MT
Music Therapist, Board Certified
Goryeb Children’s Hospital

“The Songs For Kids concert was enjoyed by patients, visitors and staff alike. It was like the kids were at a rock n’ roll concert – except they were invited to be part of the band! Thank you Josh and Sanjay.”

Joseph Lee
Music Therapist
NYU Langone Medical Center

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