Long Branch, NJ | The Children’s Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center

“On behalf of the Department of Pediatrics, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to you for thinking of our patients and their families. Your visit meant a great deal to our children, their families, and staff. Your music program provided fun, enjoyment, and a much needed distraction.

Thanks to you many children were cheered up. Music has a way of bringing children together and allowing them to open up and relax. By doing so they are transported to a happier place that helps them forget that they are in the hospital. It also helped them to miss home a little less.

Your program encourages participation by both patients and family. As a result, not only did you make the children happy but you also made their parents happy. Nothing is better than seeing your child go from being sad and anxious to seeing a huge smile and hearing their laughter.

Your visit has helped remind us all that it is important to reach out and support one another through good and bad times. Your donation of time and positive energy was much appreciated. Thanks to your program we were able to provide comforting care to our patients and their families. Thank you once again.”

Kristin Furlani Kuhi
Certified Child Life Specialist
Children’s Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center
Long Branch, NJ

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