Baltimore, MD | University of Maryland Hospital for Children

“The day after our Songs for Kids tour visit, staff came up to me asking when we could have Josh and Sanjay return. Their visit and their presence – both musical and joyful – brought smiles to the faces of everyone within earshot and provided a healing respite from the routine of the hospital. One young man in our PICU asked his nurse if he was hearing guitar music and when she said yes and they could come to visit him next, his eyes lit up. While dancing and singing weren’t possible for him, he eagerly participated in the music by shaking the tambourine. What a positive difference this interaction may have on this young man’s healing as well as his memories of his hospital stay. Josh and Sanjay were a pleasure to work with – they were flexible with the unpredictable nature of the hospital, impressively able to respond to kids song requests, and sensitive to adapting their approach based on the environment and a child’s cues. I wish we could have them visit on a regular basis!”

Shannon Joslin, M.S., CCLS
Child Life Manager
University of Maryland Children’s Hospital


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